Gabriela Gonzalez

Software Developer - Frontend - UX

HTML / HTML5 / CSS / CSS3 / javaScript / C# / Command Prompt / Node.js/ Visual Studio / Dreamweaver / WordPress / Word Pad / Browser developer tools / Illustrator / Photoshop / Flash / After Effects / ES / EN / SV

Gabriela is an empathic IT Consultant that is constantly driven by her passion: technology. She started off as a graphic designer and then moved on to become a web developer, focusing and specialized in front end developing. Her aim is to be a complete and skilled Full Stack Developer.

As a graphic designer she developed her ability to grasp the client's needs and consider practical solutions applying designing principles. She developed her creative thinking and also learned the importance of good communication skills.

As a web developer, the first thing she learned is that there must be a balance between the visual and the back (code) of a web. Efficiency is simplicity, functionality and lightness.

Both as a graphic designer and as a web developer, Gabriela learned the importance of thinking about the user experience while developing the final product.

Gabriela is comfortable working both alone and in groups, following agile methods. She can be described as proactive, efficient and analytical. She takes on new challenges with great enthusiasm and simply loves her profession.

When Gabriela is not working, she enjoys doing sports. She has been swimming for the last 15 years, this keeps both body and mind in shape.


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Address : Stockholm, Sweeden


UX / Software Developer

Espresso House / 2017-06 - 2017-07

Project Caitlyn

Develop a pilot web application for a catering system that you can access through an URL. Espressohouse wanted to develop a prototype in the form of a web application that offers customers a catering service. The service is aimed to corporate customers and offers breakfast, lunch and coffee packages within 24 hours.

Tools / Technique: C#, .Net MVC, SQL Database, Javascript, jquery

UX / Software Developer

Sogeti Sverige AB / 2017-02 - 2017-05

Project Risk Portal

The project is a cloud based risk portal web API. In this project, Gabriela's tasks were to design and develop the user interface for the Risk Portal. She built the HTML, CSS and javaScript files needed for this in Visual Studio. In collaboration with her colleagues, she also connected the frontend of the portal with the backend. In the process of developing the portal Gabriela also learned C#, implemented it in the Portal's solution and learned how to use Azure's user interface and its tools.

Tools / Technique: Visual studio 2017, Azure, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, C#.

UX / Web Developer

Play Pizza HB / 2016-10 - 2017-01

Website development for a food truck called Jeffrey's Foodtruck. Gabriela developed the HTML, CSS and javaScript files needed for the website. She used Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator to generate the visual content of the page. She tested the files and uploaded them to the server trough a FTP client application.

Tools / Technique: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, Photoshop, Illustrator, Filezilla Client.

UX / Web Developer

HappyX AB / 2016-04 - 2016-06

Happy X is an app designed to help separated parents. The mission was to create the new website of the app that truly reflects the image of the service. Gabriela design the website in Adobe Illustrator. She created the visual content with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. Gabriela took a Wordpress template and modify the theme's files to match the wanted design using php, HTML, CSS and javaScript. The site's share buttons were also designed and code by Gabriela. She uploaded the files to the server trought a FTP client application.

Tools / Technique: Wordpress, php, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Photoshop, Illustrator, Filezilla.

Graphic Designer

Robsal Glass AB / 2015-08 - 2015-11

ROBSAL is an ice cream shop located in Skogås. Gabriela's first assigment was to design the ice cream shop logo. The second assigment was to design and develop a promotional video for the opening day of the ice cream shop. The third and last assigment was to design promotional flyers for the opening day of the ice cream shop.

Tools / Technique: Adobe Creative Suite.

Graphic Designer

Play Pizza HB / 2015-07 - 2015-09

Play Pizza is a company who owns food trucks that drives the streets of Stockholm's city. Gabriela designed the presentation cards for the food truck's employees. Another task she did was to design the menues for two food trucks. She also designed promotional flyers to atract more costumers.

Tools / Technique: Adobe Creative Suite.

UX / Web Developer / Online Sales Manager

INVERCARGO C. A. / 2014-05 - 2015-03

Based in Caracas, Venezuela. INVERCARGO has become an alternative of spare parts for heavy transport in general. In this company Gabriela had two roles. As a web developer she designed, created and managed the content of the web page. Her second role was to manage the online sales. From answering the costumers questions about the products, to packing and shiphing them.

Tools / Technique: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Photoshop, Illustrator.

Graphic Designer

INDEXPO / 2012-01 - 2015-03

INDEXPO is the main Carrier representation of air conditioner solutions in Venezuela. Gabriela's assignments were to design printable material for different types of canvas/ displays, from presentation cards to the layout for the Carrier's courses certificates for employees.

Tools / Technique: Adobe Creative Suite.

Graphic Designer. Art Director

Quimikao Industry Venezuela and Kaoquim Industry Mexico / 2014-01 - 2014-04

Graphic Designer and Art Director for Quimikao Industry in Venezuela and Kaoquim Industry Mexico Gabriela's assigments consisted in design, redesign and refresh the chemical products' labels. She design and develop corporate manuals for the companys' use. She also design different types of both printable and multimedia material for the companys located in Venezuela and in Mexico .

Tools / Technique: Adobe Creative Suite.

Administrative Assistant

Talleres Alfredos C. A. / 2002-01 - 2015-03

With more than 50 years of trayectory, Talleres Alfredo is a car paint workshop located in Caracas, Venezuela. Gabriela's role in this company was Administrative Assistant. Role: Administrative Assistant.